International Day of Persons with Disabilities


Foundation University Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences organized seminar and exhibition at International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 8, 2015. Rector Foundation University Islamabad,  Maj Gen Khadim Hussain HI(M) (Retd) was the chief guest while Maj Gen Dr Tassawar Hussain HI(M) (Retd), Acting Director, Foundation University Islamabad Campus and Dr Naureen Tassadaq, Director, Foundation University Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences were also present on the occasion.

The purpose of the event was to create awareness among the masses about International Day of Persons with Disabilities in general and regarding access and empowerment of people of all abilities in particular. People from different walks of life participated in the event. The event included lectures by the eminent experts, power point presentations, short videos, drama as well as posters exhibition.


While addressing the gathering, the Rector FUI said that today we are more aware to the needs of the Disabled, owing to the advancement in the fields of mass communication, education and the IT boom.  He said, the disabled are no more disabled as through fast growing interaction with outside world, new methods, techniques and technical knowhow, we have learnt to transform the disabilities into abilities. This of course will add to their usefulness for the society in general and for themselves in particular. 


The chief guest said, empowerment involves investing in people, jobs, health, nutrition, education, social protection and so on. He emphasized, when people are empowered, they are better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities; they become agents of change and can readily embrace their civil responsibilities. Therefore, today’s event is step in the right direction, he added.


The Rector FUI said, “World Disability Day” will go a long way to bring the handicapped into the main stream and giving them the courage and confidence to be an effective part of the society.  He urged the students and faculty of FUIRS to make this event a regular feature of their Academic Calendar and positively contribute towards alleviating the physical, mental and psychological disabilities of the affected persons and convert them into abilities. He said, it is important to focus on the ability and not the disability of an individual.

In the end, chief guest visited the posters exhibition. 

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