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Sajjad Hussain


Position: Assistant Professor
research from:


  • Hussain, S. & AHMAD, M. (2020). Does Psychological Distance obliterate LMX fruits? Mediating Role of Perceptions of Task Identity. International Review of Social S, 8(7), 108-119. [More] 
  • Hussain, S., BAIG, M. M. & HUSSAIN, I. (2020). Confrontational Phases and Imperfections of Organizational Injustice in the workspace (Validation from Government Sector Development Financial Institutions of Pakistan).. International Review of Management and Business Research, 9(2), 207-221. [More] 
  • Hussain, S., Toor, A. A., Usman, M., Younas, F., 2, A. C. & 4OrcID, S. F. (2020). Mining Massive E-Health Data Streams for IoMT Enabled Healthcare Systems. Sensors,, 20(7), 1-24. [More] 

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