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Nabeel Ali Khan


Position: Professor
research from:


  • Khan, N. A., RasoulAnvari, MokhtarMohammadi, RoshandelKahooa, A. & IsmailAbdullah,. (2020). Random noise attenuation of 2D seismic data based on sparse low-rank estimation of the seismic signal. Computers & Geosciences, 35, 104376. [More] 
  • Khan, N. A. & Mohammadi, M. (2020). Detection of Frequency Modulated Signals Using a Robust IF Estimation Algorithm. Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, 39, 2223–2231. [More] 
  • Khan, N. A., Ali, S. & Mohammadi, M. (2020). Direction of arrival estimation of sources with intersecting signature in time–frequency domain using a combination of IF estimation and MUSIC algorithm. Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing , 31(1), 549–567. [More] 
  • Khan, N. A., MokhtarMohammadi & IsidoraStankovic. (2020). Sparse reconstruction based on iterative TF domain filtering and Viterbi based IF estimation algorithm. Signal Processing, 166(1), 107260. [More] 
  • Khan, N. A., Ali, S., Mohammadi, M. & Akram, J. (2020). Novel direction of arrival estimation using Adaptive Directional Spatial Time-Frequency Distribution. Signal Processing, 168(1), 107342. [More] 

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