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Ayesha Janjua


Position: Associate Professor
research from:


  • Janjua, A., Abrar, N., Jahan, S., Badar, Z., Khan, A. & Qasim, F. (2020). Nitric oxide pathway-mediated relaxant effect of PPAR (Peracisome proliferator activated receptor)-Gamma agonist in the guinea-pig isolated trachea.. The Professional Medical Journal, 27(9), 1-10. [More] 
  • Janjua, A., Maqsood, I., Bader, Z., Imran, S. S., Butt, A. I. & Qaisrani, M. N. (2020). Determination of pharmacokinetic profile of high oral dose of an innovator brand of atorvastatin in healthy pakistani volunteers. PAFMJ, 70(4), 983-987. [More] 
  • Mirza, T. I., Shukr, I., Sadiq, N., Janjua, A., Ghassan, A., Inam, S. et al. (2019). Learning to Learn - Study of Learning Styles at Medical School. Medical Forum Monthly, 30(4), 92-95. [More] 
  • Janjua, A., Abrar, N., Khan, I. M., Bader, Z., Mazhar, W. & Qaisrani, M. N. (2019). Role of anti-diabetic agents in protecting the kidneys from oxidant insult in rabbits. Rawal Medical Journal, 45(4), 848-852. [More] 
  • ABRAR, N., Janjua, A., JAHAN, S., KHAN, M., ZAHID, S. & KHAN, A. (2019). Relaxant effect of pioglitazone on the guinea-pig isolated trachea through the modulation of endogenous prostaglandins. IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS, 17(1). [More] 

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