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Ehab Azim


Position: Lecturer
research from:


  • Yaqoob, M. F., Khalid, Z., Azim, E., Hassan, M. F., Naeem, A. & ahsan Khalid, S. (2021). Perceptions regarding team-based learning among undergraduate physical therapy students. journal of Pakistan Medical Association, 71(1). [More] 
  • Siddiqi, F. A. & Azim, E. (2021). Elderly and Balance Rehabilitation Current Dynamics and Future Possibilities for Pakistan. FUJRS, 1(1). [More] 
  • Osama, M., Azim, E. & Khalid, Z. (2021). The UN Incheon strategy Implementation and the Pakistani quagmire; ground realities. journal of Pakistan Medical Association, 71(12). [More] 
  • Azim, E., Khan, F. M., Karamat, A., Asim, M., Hayee, M. & Siddiqi, F. A. (2020). Prevalence of lower back pain among middle-aged women; A cross-sectional survey. JRCRS, 8, S15-S18. [More] 
  • Siddiqi, F. A., Osama, M., Azim, E., Babur, M. N., Waheed, A. & Memon, A. R. (2019). Psychological stress and satisfaction with life among physical therapy students of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Pakistan. Journal Of Pakistan Medical Association, 69(7), 973-975. [More] 

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