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Lubna Akhtar


Position: Associate Professor
research from:


  • Akhtar, L., Islam, S., Jehangir, F., Rashid, N. & Rashid, S. (2020). Estabilishing immunohistochemistry protocols in early neonatal rat brain for RXRy: Liable biological target. ABMS, 3(2), 97-103. [More] 
  • Akhtar, L., Minhas, R. S., Syed, H., Rafi, A., Saleem, A., Rashid, N. et al. (2020). Alterations in the Survivability and Gross Morphology of Chick Embryos Following Exposure to Glucose. ABMS, 4(1), 1-10. [More] 
  • Akhtar, L. & Haider, S. Z. (2018). histomorphological development of pancreas and its molecular regulation in chick embryo. FUMJ, 3(1), 01-61. [More] 

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