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Shoaib Rahim


Position: Assistant Professor
research from:


  • Rahim, S., Afreen, Z., Afreen, A., Javed, U., Khalil, A. & Daaniyal, S. (2020). Comparison of patient satisfaction between new complete denture wearers and the old ones. Journal of Bahria University Medical and Dental College, 10(1), 007-011. [More] 
  • Rahim, S., Bashir, H., Shah, J. A., Afreen, Z., Afreen, A. & Shuja, E. (2020). Comparison of Mean Efficacy of Gluma and Ultraez Desensitizer to decrease hypersensitivity of vital abutment teeth prepared for full coverage restoration. Journal of Bahria University Medical and Dental College, 10(3), 192-196. [More] 
  • Rahim, S., Sharif, M., Tahir, A., Minallah, S., Sheikh, M. W. & Riaz, M. U. (2020). Perception of Dental Students Regarding Online Classes During The Pandemic. Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal, 70(1), 192-196. [More] 
  • Rahim, S., Abbasi, M. S., Qureshi, A. W., Sharif, M., Shah, R. & Minallah, S. (2020). A Comparison of Cone Beam Computed Tomography and ridge mapping in treatment planning of dental implants. Isra Medical Journal, 12(2), 369-374. [More] 
  • Qureshi, A. W., Rahim, S., Abbasi, M. S., Akhtar, Q. & Qureshi, S. W. (2019). ORAL STEREOGNOSTIC SCORE IN EDENTULOUS PATIENTS. PAKISTAN ORAL & DENTAL JOURNAL, 39(3), 309-313. [More] 

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