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Muhammad Shaheen


Position: Professor
research from:
JRESEARCH_LOCATION: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Head of Department, Professor, Foundation University Islamabad


  • Shaheen, M., Naheed, N., , , ., Khan, S. A., Alawairdhi, M., , , . et al. (2020). Importance of Features Selection, Attribute Selection, Challenges and Future Directions for Medical Imaging Data. Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, 125(1), 315-340. [More] 
  • Shaheen, M., Asif Mehmood, ., , M. A., Sharif, M. & ajid Ali Khan, Muhammad Shaheen, T. S. (2020). Prosperous Human Gait Recognition: An End-to-End System based on Pre-trained CNN Features., Multimedia Tools and Applications. Multimedia Tools and Applications, . [More] 
  • Shaheen, M. (2019). Application of Labelled K Means Clustering for GIS Contract Automation. , 38(1), 15-22. [More] 
  • Shaheen, M., Ali Khan, S. & Zafar, T. (2019). Decision tree classification: Ranking journals using IGIDI. Journal of Information Science, 46(3), 1-15. [More] 
  • Shaheen, M., Khan, ., Nazir, M. & Ishtiaq, M. (2018). Face Recognition under varying Expressions and Illumination using particle swarm optimization. Journal of Computational Science, 28, 94-100. [More] 

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