Faculty Publications [2014]




Department Name Title of Article Year
Rehabilitation Dr. Furqan Ahmed Siddqi The relationship between physical activity levels sleep habits and academic performance in Physical Therapy students of Rawalpindi and Islamabad 2014
Rehabilitation Dr. Furqan Ahmed Siddqi Effectiveness of the incentive spirometry in preventing post-operative pulmonary complications after laparotomy 2014
Electrical Engineering Dr. Muhammad Haneef Agent Based Collaborative Ubiquitous Mobile Learning Architecture Using JADE-LEAP 2014
Business & Economics Adina Paracha Impact of Psychological Contract Breach and Psychological Contract Fulfillment on Employees  Intention to Quit in Telecom Sector of Pakistan 2014
Business & Economics Faique Bin Fakhar Impact of Abusive supervision on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour : mediating role of Job Tension, Emotional Exhaustion and Turnover Intention 2014
Business & Economics Fatima Salam Work Overload, Work-Family conflict, Family-work conflict and Their effects on Job Embeddedness : The Moderating Role of Coworker suport 2014
Business & Economics Hamad Saleem The Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty and Brand Image : Evidence from Hotel Industry of Pakistan 2014
Business & Economics Muhammad Ahsan Razza Impact of Job Involvement, Commitment, Job Satisfaction on Turnover : An Empirical Investigation on Banking Sector 2014
Business & Economics Noah Yashin Determinants of Capital Structure of listed companies of textile and sugar secor during different economic periods 2014
Business & Economics Muhammad Umar Bin Ajmal Understanding the Moderating Role of Islamic Work Ethics Between Job Stress and Work Outcomes 2014
Business & Economics Sibgha Sadiq Relationship between Psychological Counteract Violation, Supervisory Support, Psychological Contract Breach and Organizational Citizenship Behavior 2014
Business & Economics Sundus Zahid Effect of Rebranding and Reposting on Brand Equity Considering Brand Loyalty as a Mediating Variable 2014
Business & Economics Syed Musharaf Abbas The Impact of Sensory Appeal, Self - Reference and Positive Affect on Brand Attitude 2014
Business & Economics Syed Muhammad Kazim Hamdani The System in Islamic Banking in terms of Customer Satisfaction in Pakistan 2014
Business & Economics Yasir Yasin Ranja Determinants of Foreign Exchange Markets 2014
Business & Economics Nadia Ishaq Changezi Impact of corporate governance framework on the organizational performance 2014
Business & Economics Saqib Mehboob Organizational Carcinoma Developing and Proposing a Conceptual Framework 2014
Business & Economics Maria Rasheed Awan Impact of liquidity, leverage, inflation on firm profitability an empirical analysis of food sector of Pakistan 2014
Business & Economics Faizan yasin Comparative study of risk management practices of Islamic versus conventional banks in Pakistan 2014
Business & Economics Huma Maqsood Macroeconomics Effects of World Energy and Food Price Shocks in South Asia 2014